IN-PERSON REGISTRATION DATES – Please park in the north parking lot.

  • August 7th from 8:30am-12:30pm
  • August 8th from 11:30am-3:30pm
  • August 9th from 3:00pm-7:00pm

Items to bring with you to in-person registration:

  • birth certificate – new students
  • immunization record – new students
  • address verification (utility bill or lease to verify current address) – new and returning students
  • completed registration page – any student who has completed the online registration at home

NOTE FOR INCOMING KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS:  Birth date is on or after September 2, 2012 AND on or before September 1, 2013.

Prior to in-person registration:

  1. You should have received your child’s student ID # and registration pin # in the mail (see letter dated July 27th). If you are a returning student, you will need these #’s to log in. This enables you to complete the online registration portion of your students’ registration. This can be done at home OR computers will be available at the school to complete this process.
  2. All students that are new to Whittier Elementary WILL REGISTER AS A NEW STUDENT. They will receive their ID# and registration pin # during in-person registration on August 7, 8 and 9.                  

It is important to fill out the registration information carefully. Please make sure that all information is correct (current telephone numbers, current address, current email, current emergency contact information, etc.) The information you provide is vital for us to be able to communicate with you for regular school communication and in case of an emergency. We are asking that you provide more than one emergency contact in order to readily facilitate student safety should an emergency situation arise.

All students (new and returning) must complete the online registration process. The online registration link opens on August 1st. Once you have completed online registration, please print, sign, date and bring the signature form with you during in-person registration. The school signature form is the last screen as you complete online registration.



Questions regarding the items listed below can be asked during in-person registration. Please feel free to contact the school if you have any other questions. Whittier’s office summer hours begin August 1, 2018 from 10:00am – 2:00pm.

  • Free/Reduced Lunch Program – Must reapply every year (apply during online registration).
  • After School Program (ASP) begins on September 4th. The After School registration portal located on the district website will open on August 7th @ 7:00 am. ASP Coordinator will be available during registration to answer any questions and provide a calendar of the dates the ASP will be held.
    • After School Program Hours / Sept 4, 2018 –  May 23, 2019
      • 2:50-5:00pm / Monday through Thursday; 12:35-5:00pm / Friday
      • 5:00-5:20pm – Dinner is served
      • 5:20-5:25pm – Student pick-up (Please note:  We expect that you will pick up your child prior to the pick-up time of the ASP. Late pick-up may result in dismissal from the program for the remainder of the school year.)
  • Bussing – Forms will be available at in-person registration (only applies to ELP and students living in the Enclave Apartments).
  • Kindergarten – A 30-minute kindergarten assessment will be scheduled at in-person registration. All kindergarten classes will be full-day.
  • Pre-K4 Enrollment – Please call the Early Childhood office @ (801) 974-8396.


Along with shopping for school supplies and adopting earlier bedtimes, back-to-school night is an important ritual marking the beginning of the new school year. On this night, you will meet your child’s teacher. They’ll share information about their teaching style and methodology and how they grade. You’ll find out what projects they’ll be working on and about field trips that will enhance their learning.

Your child’s teacher might be a little nervous about meeting all the parents, even if they’ve done this twenty times before. Arrive with a friendly smile and introduce yourself. If you know each other already, say hello and refresh their memory as to your name and who your child is. Teachers meet lots of parents throughout the year and may not remember your name, although they may recognize your face. 

We are looking forward to seeing all our parents on August 16 from 5:00-7:00pm in a meet-and-greet informal open house setting. Please note that at 6:30 pm, the annual Title I Parent Meeting will be held in the library. All are invited.


August 20th from 8:15am – 2:50pm

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer break. Welcome back to a new and exciting school year! We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and their families as well as to our returning students and their families. The staff at Whittier Elementary are looking forward to working with you and your children this year. We are also looking forward to this year being full of developing new friendships, new learning experiences and new discoveries. Please be sure to pick-up a school calendar during in-person student registration as it identifies important dates and short days for your to be aware of! The school calendar is also available online in English and in Spanish; just click on the ‘quick link’ at the bottom of this page.

Students should arrive at school no more than ten minutes before starting time unless coming for breakfast (See Policies and Procedures, Arrival Time and Departure From School). Please be sure to come in uniform and ready to learn!!!

NOTE:  The After School Program begins on September 4, 2018.

School Hours:

  • Monday through Thursday:  8:15-2:50pm
  • Friday and short days:  8:15-12:35pm



Whittier Elementary School Dress Code / School Uniform

  • Colors include tan/khaki, red, white, navy blue and black. Tops must be a different color than bottoms.
  • Socks and tights should also be a solid dress code color.
  • Logos are permitted. The size of the logo must fit under a quarter.
  • Decorations/embellishments must also be solid dress code colors.
  • *Official Whittier Elementary School shirts.

*Official Whittier Elementary School shirts include those of clubs and organizations directly affiliated with Whittier Elementary School; where membership or participation is available for all students, or all students of a particular grade level, i.e., Whittier Elementary School PTA shirts, Chess Club, Ballet West, etc.

+1 Campaign

This year, the Whittier PTA and ELP Steering Committees want to encourage you to think "+1" any time you are purchasing clothing for your own child.  Find a good back-to-school sale on uniform items? Consider buying one extra piece of clothing or one extra outfit that you can donate.  Are the seasons changing and your child has outgrown a few items that are still in good shape?  Think Whittier first. We will have a bin located in the main office where you can drop off these new (or gently used) uniform items throughout the school year.  Together, our efforts can make a big difference for the children in our Whittier community! 

Whittier T-shirts

PTA is selling t-shirts. Get your school pride on! Stop by the office for an order form or see a PTA member. Thanks for supporting Whittier Elementary.

Students' Safety and Security at School

SLCSD has provided cameras and “buzz-in” entry at all district schools. Our school regularly has drills for crisis situations, including school violence drills. We are constantly re-examining all aspects of campus safety.  We will make changes that provide extra security for our students.Please contact Dr. P if you see something that can be changed to improve school safety and security:

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