All library books will need to be turned in or paid for by May 23rd. If students cannot pay for books at this time, students can read down their fine. Students who take this option can read with a parent and earn $1.00 for every 15 minutes they read.  The form to read down the fine can be picked up from Miss Pipkin in the library or downloaded here. All forms to read down the fine MUST be turned in to Miss Pipkin by the 23rd or the book will need to be paid for. Students may log in to the library catalog to see what books they are missing by going to our library page. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Pipkin.

SLCSD Title 1 Summer School Program @ Whittier Elementary

SLCSD Title 1 Summer School Program @ Whittier Elementary is open for registration. Please complete and turn-in the SLCSD Summer School Program registration application no later than May 23, 2019. These can be picked up at the school.

  • June 10 – July 18 (Summer School Program will not be in session on July 4) 

  • Monday through Thursday, 8:00-3:00pm. Parents are responsible for getting their students to and from the SLCSD Title 1 Summer School Program.

  • Available to incoming students in grades 1-6 (on a first come first serve basis) 

  • Enrollment is capped @ 65 students (due to transportation constraints) 

  • Students will participate in scheduled field trips and special events that take place beyond the actual school premises which will entail walking to nearby parks and taking school buses to points of local interest. Students need to be check in at the program by 12:00pm to participate in the scheduled field trip for the afternoon. 

  • $10 Non-refundable registration fee (due at the time of registration) 

  • $60 Tuition 

  • If you have questions contact Whittier’s After School Program Coordinator @ (801) 481-4846, ext 125 or Community Educations main office at (801) 578-8275.



Whittier Elementary School Dress Code / School Uniform

  • Colors include tan/khaki, red, white, navy blue and black. Tops must be a different color than bottoms.
  • Socks and tights should also be a solid dress code color.
  • Logos are permitted. The size of the logo must fit under a quarter.
  • Decorations/embellishments must also be solid dress code colors.
  • *Official Whittier Elementary School shirts.

*Official Whittier Elementary School shirts include those of clubs and organizations directly affiliated with Whittier Elementary School; where membership or participation is available for all students, or all students of a particular grade level, i.e., Whittier Elementary School PTA shirts, Chess Club, Ballet West, etc.

+1 Campaign

This year, the Whittier PTA and ELP Steering Committees want to encourage you to think "+1" any time you are purchasing clothing for your own child.  Find a good back-to-school sale on uniform items? Consider buying one extra piece of clothing or one extra outfit that you can donate.  Are the seasons changing and your child has outgrown a few items that are still in good shape?  Think Whittier first. We will have a bin located in the main office where you can drop off these new (or gently used) uniform items throughout the school year.  Together, our efforts can make a big difference for the children in our Whittier community! 

Whittier T-shirts

PTA is selling t-shirts. Get your school pride on! Stop by the office for an order form or see a PTA member. Thanks for supporting Whittier Elementary.

Students' Safety and Security at School

SLCSD has provided cameras and “buzz-in” entry at all district schools. Our school regularly has drills for crisis situations, including school violence drills. We are constantly re-examining all aspects of campus safety.  We will make changes that provide extra security for our students.Please contact Dr. P if you see something that can be changed to improve school safety and security:

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