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Extended Learning Program (ELP)

Is your child a rapid learner who put thoughts together quickly?

Does your child have an excellent memory or an unusually large vocabulary?

Does your child have an advanced comprehension of word nuances, metaphors and abstract ideas?

If so, the district’s Extended Learning Program may be a good fit for your child.                                                    

Family and Friends of ELP,

The Extended Learning Program application window is now open. If you are interested in having your child assessed for Magnet ELP eligibility for the 2021-2022 school year, now is the time to apply.

The application window for students currently in grades 1-7 closes on October 14, 2020.

The application window for students in preschool and kindergarten closes on February 12, 2021.

You can access Parent Information PowerPoints, for additional information, on the ELP website.

Here is the link to sign up: 

Extended Learning Program

Please contact the ELP department at 801-578-8573 for any further questions.


2020-2021 ELP Information

See the links below for more information for this year.

2020-2021 Information (English)

2020-2021 Information (Spanish)

2020 Q&A meetings (English)

2020 Q&A Meetings (Spanish)


Extended Learning Program (Magnet)

The Extended Learning Program (ELP) of the Salt Lake City School District offers educational opportunities for students in grades K through 8 who show high academic abilities.  In general, students who may benefit from this program are working well above their age groups in at least reading and mathematics.  Extended Learners are engaged in critical and creative thinking experiences and problem solving.  Their course work is extended, abstract and complex, resulting in a greater depth of understanding by students.

Whittier Elementary School is one of three ELP Magnet Schools, which draws students from the elementary schools in the School District from grades K through 6.  Students qualifying for the Magnet School have shown that they need an academic program that allows them to move more quickly and delve more deeply into curriculum.  Classes are taught by a gifted-talented endorsed, certified teacher.  For more information about ELP, please visit the Salt Lake City School District’s website or contact the District ELP Supervisor Michele Riggs at 801-578-8573.  Other resources for gifted education can be found at the District’s website.

Extended Learning Program (Neighborhood)

The Neighborhood Extended Learning Program (NELP) operates in every elementary school in Salt Lake City School District.  NELP provides direct specialized services, as a pull-out program, to identified students in grades 4 through 6 for approximately three hours each week. NELP teachers provide an interdisciplinary curricular approach by integrating multiple subjects through thematic instruction.  Student learning is extended from and beyond the core curriculum through acceleration, complexity, and depth in curriculum and instruction. For more information about ELP, please visit the Salt Lake City School District’s website or contact the District ELP Supervisor Michele Riggs at 801-578-8573.

For more information on ELP you can visit .