Principal's Message


Principal's Message

Together let us be notable! I've enjoyed getting to know Whittier - the neighborhood, students, parents, families, teachers and staff. Our school is so much greater than the sum of its individual parts. All told Whittier has a great story to tell. I'm very excited to join the school team and contribute to the Whittier Wolf Story.

Students benefit when schools set great expectations and provide caring supports. Whittier's teachers provide students and families a good balance of new teacher innovation and veteran teacher experience. The teachers are grouped by grade level teams that meet regularly to plan teaching and learning for students. By working together we accomplish great things.

Parents are a child's first teacher. We make a tremendous difference in our children's school progress. To parents I offer the E.Z. 15 Minute Challenge: simply spend 15' every school night engaged with your kids about what they're learning in school: Read books, discuss math problems, and always let your kids know that you care about how they're doing in school. Let us, together, be notable!

Gregory M. Proffit, Ed.D

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