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Principals Message

Welcome to Trimester I, Whittier 2020/21! 

Salt Lake schools will provide students with a high-quality online learning experience for students beginning September 8, 2020. We’re excited to partner with our families to create an equitable and engaging online learning experience for students. 

Whittier students will participate in a predictable daily online schedule to learn the key elements of: 

  • English Language Arts (writing/reading/speaking/listening) 

  • Mathematics (problem solving/algebraic thinking) 

  • Fine Arts (create/perform/respond/connect) 

  • Science (principles and practices) 

  • Social Studies (racial equity and social justice)

Whittier’s highly qualified teachers will use Canvas, Zoom, Wonders, and Eureka to teach the Utah Core Curriculum standards. Students will participate in a variety of formal and informal assessments of their academic progress in early literacy skills, reading comprehension growth, and mathematics learning. Students’ measured academic progress will be reported to parents on a regular basis. 

When we do return to our hallways, we expect that all constituents will observe Utah mandated medical, scientific, health, and safety practices: social distance, face covering, and clean hands (Ask your children about KYHFOOTY!)  I’m looking forward to partnering and building the next new brave frontier of Wolf Pack learning. 

Gregory Proffit, Dr. P 
Greg Proffit

Greg Proffit

Principal Elementary School