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Library Policies –Spanish

Salt Lake City School District Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Library Learning Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. A strong Library Learning Center program, administered by a certified Library Technology Teacher, positively impacts student achievement. The Library Technology Teacher is a certified teacher, instructional partner, information specialist and program coordinator.


Book Orders

If your child’s teacher does not do book orders in their class, you are welcome to order Scholastic books through me.  Please support your child’s teacher if they do book orders.  You can order through me online at​ and use the teacher code GXM29. I will submit orders on the following dates:  April 23 and May 14.  You will need to have orders submitted by then. Students can also pick up a flier in the library.


Student Reading

While we are dismissed from school, students have access to several resources for them to continue reading.  Students can log in to SORA using their regular school username and password.  Epic Books is also available to students.  They can use my class code of LHP4045 to access the site.  For  students who want to watch videos of celebrities reading picture books, they can use Storyline Online.  Links to all these sites are under the resource section to the right of this page.  There are also links to other great learning resources as well.



The Utah Jazz is having a reading challenge this month.  Click the link for more information.


Student Email

Students will need their email addresses to access Microsoft Teams. See the example below to know student email addresses.

First Name:  Ronald 

Last Name: Weasley 

Student Number: 123456 

Email address: 

Passwords will be the student’s regular password


Library Lessons

I have included some links to Nearpod lessons for library skills.  Students can complete these lessons to review topics we are working on in the library.  When working on these lessons, students need to put their first and last names in the name box. I do not know students by their regular usernames. They will need to put their teacher’s name in the box for other. The link should take you straight into the lesson.  Students will just need to put in their name and teacher. If the link does not work, students can go to Nearpod and put in the code I have given. Codes are good for 30 days.  Please email me with any questions.

Lessons for the week of March 16th 

Kindergarten- Parts of a book – read a book with your student.  Have them identify the following parts of the book: front cover, back cover, spine, title page.  Is the book fiction or non-fiction?

1st grade – Story elements –code WPRVB

2nd – 6th grades – Dewey Decimal System – Code BKGNI


Lessons for the week of March 30th 

Kindergarten – 1st grade :  Practice retelling stories.  Read a story and tell the story to someone using your own words.  Try to tell the events of the story in order.

2nd – 6th : Destiny Nearpod Code SXNGR


Lessons for the week of April 6th 

Kindergarten – 1st grade :  Read an informational book with a family member.  Tell them 3 facts that you learned from the book.  SORA and Epic Books have some great nonfiction books.

2nd – 6th : Digital Citizenship Nearpod Code AMZKV -Use the link to Nearpod at the right of this page and enter the code.  Don’t forget to put your first and last name and your teacher. 


Office Hours

I will be available to answer any emails from 1:00-2:00, Monday-Friday.


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