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Library Policies

Library Policies –Spanish

Salt Lake City School District Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Library Learning Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. A strong Library Learning Center program, administered by a certified Library Technology Teacher, positively impacts student achievement. The Library Technology Teacher is a certified teacher, instructional partner, information specialist and program coordinator.

Student Reading

Students have access to several resources for them to read books online.  Students can log in to SORA using their regular school username and password on the SORA link or log in using Clever.  Epic Books is also available to students.  They can use my class code of LHP4045 to access the site.  For  students who want to watch videos of celebrities reading picture books, they can use Storyline Online.  Links to all these sites are under the resource section to the right of this page.  There are also links to other great learning resources as well.


Student Email

Students will need their email addresses to access Microsoft Applications. See the example below to know student email addresses.

First Name:  Ronald 

Last Name: Weasley 

Student Number: 123456 

Email address: 

Passwords will be the student’s regular password


Read Down the Fine

Students who lose a book can pay for the book or read down the fine.  Click the link below for the form to read down the fine, or come see Miss Pipkin in the library for a copy.

Read Down the Fine Agreement


These videos come from the Canvas website, and while the narration is in English, we have been able to translate the subtitles/closed captions into Spanish.

  • There are three videos, but there are two versions of each video, one with English subtitles and one with Spanish subtitles:

If you can’t see the subtitles/close captions when you first start playing the videos, be sure to click on the “CC” button in the controls just below the video.


If you don’t want to watch a video, we have also created a written Canvas Guide for parents. It is also available in English and Spanish

Tiffany Pipkin

Tiffany Pipkin